Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A few Things on Internet Security

The most common reason for getting a callout for a computer repair is inadequate internet security. This is a bit of a pity as there is nothing wrong with the hardware and the whole situation could easily have been prevented. One of the most common computer repair scenarios seen is clients using the internet security that comes pre installed on a system. In most cases it simply is a poor quality program, even though the retail version may still be expensive. The second most common scenario we find is clients using a free antivirus program to protect the entire PC. Viruses are one of the less common forms of 'nasty's' these days and Trojans and spyware and the like are far more common and very destructive, to combat these a full internet security suite really is required as having seperate antivirus and spyware rarely seems to do the trick these days. Even worse, for real trouble free computing, you really need the best internet security suite at any given time, as the inferior ones rarely to the job adequately. By doing the job adequately I mean letting precious little through for the duration of the license of the software, usually a period of 12 months , so no reinstall of windows is required. So our advice is (obviously) to get a Jim's IT consultant to review the internet security every 12 months (when the license needs renewing) in order to be running the best software available, believe me this will change. It's cheaper than Computer Repairs involving the operating system. Also as a word of caution many people are caught out buying internet security suites at large stores which sell attractive retail boxes. The people in these stores merely need to sell software and don't have to install it or maintain the computer or do computer repairs. It also matters little if the Internet Security is inadequate, therefore it almost always is...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Free Computer Repair advice!!

This is the blog for Jim's computer Services Northcote, Australia. Some of the more common questions and problems Jim's Computer's have encountered while doing computer repairs in Melbourne are posted here for free!! If you have some IT related questions, please feel free to leave your questions as a comment and we'll endevour to answer as soon as we can..
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5 Common Mistakes Made when Buying a New computer

Working as an IT consultant it's surprising to see how many computers good money is spent on without really getting value, or worse still leading to major computer related trauma. Here are the 5 (very) common problems regular people make.

1.Buying a half decent computer but not enough RAM.
One of the most common mistakes, usually because of buying a 'brand name' computer and not choosing the RAM upgrade, they usually come with less than you will actually need. Having less than enough RAM really cripples your computer, you may as well have not have bought that computer and bought a cheaper one and got the RAM upgrade, that little bit extra really goes a long way.

2. Buy a bottom end computer from a 'brand name' .
Very similar to the first mistake. Don't think the 'brand name' will make up for lack of quality in several areas, see also '4. Buy a computer that too good to be true'

3. Miss out on what computers really have to offer.
This is a bit different but similar in that a little bit extra goes a long way, you could spend less and get more with a few extra accessories. Please get an internet connection and do what it takes to set up a decent home network, then you will get plenty of satisfaction with a basic PC, think along the lines of all the different parts adding together to make a 'communication computer'. If you will play games, get the hardware you need at the start, don't upgrade later, it's cheaper in the long run and you will enjoy yourself way more and feel the money you spent was worth it. Print photo's, do stuff.

4. Buy a computer that’s too good to be true.
If you see an advertisement for a new computer and it seems to have adequate, or worse still, impressive specifications but the lowest price don't buy it. All the corners that can be cut have been cut, including using connections that are becoming obsolete hence lower prices because of reduced future upgradability and usually slower speeds. No one ever cares about the connections but they matter a lot, that’s why they effect the price so much. Usually also using the cheapest possible case, motherboard and power supply, which will break and/or need replacing and actually the last thing you want have to replace.

5. If not understanding the computer jargon, not getting help from someone who does.
Hire an IT Consultant (Like Myself :) ), get them to assist you, you will have to pay them but you should really get either a saving or performance based on what you need, they really are just nice geeky people, a lot of them have just studied computer science instead of English. They can also do neat stuff like transfer your old stuff to your new computer.

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